High quality rendering

Draw beautiful circuits in publishing quality.


Rich component set

Use components from a rich built-in component library.

Hierarchical design

Use your own circuits as subcircuits in other circuits. Organize these subcircuits in libraries to use them in multiple projects.

Symbol editor

Use the built-in symbol editor to draw custom symbols for your subcircuits.

Or you can forgo to design them and let Antares automatically generate them using two different styles. And if you like, adjust the symbol after it has been generated.

Narrow Wide

Various gate symbol styles

Choose your preferred gate symbol style.

Style Example

Versatile gates

Use gates with up to 8 inputs and optional input negation, and even with multi-bit inputs and outputs.

DIL symbols

Use the pre-defined DIL shape to wrap your custom circuit in a DIL shape, or use the 74xx library in the Antares assets project.

Dynamic and interactive custom symbols

Add subcircuit components like switches, LEDs or probes to your subcircuit’s custom symbol to let it display subcircuit state, and to let the user interact with internals of your subcircuit, e.g. by pressing switches on the symbol.

Individual symbol customization

Rotate or mirror a subcircuit’s symbol, and even edit it individually for optimal integration into its host circuit.

True bi-directional signal flow

Pins, wires and wire splitters in Antares can be truly bi-directional, allowing you to build bus-like circuits with ease.

Wire bundles and bus-style wires

Combine multiple 1-bit wires to multi-bit bundles and denote bus-like wires.

Various wire logic

Choose whether different signals on the same wire should be considered a conflict, or whether they should be OR-ed together.

Conflict Wired-OR

Automatic wire layout

Let Antares automatically re-layout your wires when you move components.

Aligning components

Let the align tool help you aligning components in complex circuits.

Search for components in circuits

Use the search bar to search for components in a circuit based on names, labels, or component types.

Circuit tests

Write test cases to check whether your circuit produces the expected outputs.

VHDL export

Export your circuits to VHDL and generate a test bench from one of your circuit’s test cases.

Analog circuits

Design analog circuits and observe electrical current and voltage during simulation. Build analog gates from MOSFETs and use them as subcircuits in your digital circuits.

Multi-circuit desktop

Open subcircuits in additional desktop views. Keep track of symbol-to-circuit relations by the color references created by Antares.

Multi-window support

Open subcircuits in separate windows to take advantage of workplaces with more than one screen when working with complex projects.

Boolean Expressions and Circuit Synthesis

Define and edit truth tables, generate optimized boolean expressions (DNF), and let Antares generate a combinational circuit that realizes these expressions.


Use scripts to customize various parts of Antares’ functionality and the behaviour of your circuits. Scripts are written in a custom DSL (Domain Specific Language) that has been specially designed for dealing with digital circuits.


Let Antares deep dive into your circuit hierarchy and count how many subcircuits of each type are used, either for “Deep” or “Flat” traversal.