Windows macOS Linux JAR



Open the image and drag the Antares icon into the “Applications” folder.


Follow the instructions of the installer application. After successful installation, you’ll find an alias icon on your Windows desktop you can use to start Antares.


Download the .rmp package and install it with

sudo alien -i <name of package>.rpm

Tested on Ubuntu 20.


Download the Java JAR file and start it with

java -jar antares-[version]-all.jar

Java runtime of at least version 16 required.


If your are new to Antares, you might want to check out the First Steps tutorial. Otherwise, go to Releases to see what’s new in the current release.

Or watch our Antares introduction video on YouTube.

Bugs or missing features?

If you find any bugs or are missing a feature, we’d like to hear from you! The guidelines on “Report Bugs and Feature Requests” explain how you can contact us. Your collaboration in making Antares better is truly appreciated.