We are managing issues in our GitHub Project.

Opening issues or discussion requires a GitHub account. If you don’t have one and don’t want to create one, you can also send a mail to .

Reporting Bugs

Please open an issue in the issue tracker. In addition to a short description of the bug, you may also make a screenshot of the erroneous situation.

Unexpected Errors

If you experience an “Unexpected Error” dialog, please use the “Copy to clipboard” button to copy the technical details Antares captured to the clipboard and paste it into your error description.

Exporting Logfiles

Sometimes we’ll need more information to analyse the bug and will ask you to reproduce the error and to attach the resulting log file to your bug report. You can export the log file using the menu “File -> Export Log File” and attach the resulting .zip file to your bug report.

Changing the log level

Sometimes we need even more detailed information for analysing a bug. If you can reproduce the error, you could ask Antares to produce more log output by going to “Antares -> Preferences” and setting the “Log Level” property in the “General” category to “Debug”. After that, please reproduce the error and export the log file as described above.

When you’re done, you should reset the log level to “Info” again to avoid performance impacts during normal operation.

Requesting Features

We are not ashamed that Antares is not yet perfect. On the contrary, we need your feedback to learn what’s missing in Antares to support you as good as possible in building your projects.

Therefore, don’t hesistate to open a new discussion on our GitHub’s project discussion page page. If we agree with your request, we will turn it into a feature issue and plan it for development in one of the next releases.