Release Date: August 19, 2021

Release 0.11.0 contains a couple of new features and a fix of a severe bug that could lead to errors when undoing “Split Wire” operations.


  • #214: Lower entry barrier for first-time users: Added some tooltips such as “Press ALT to create wire junction”. These beginner tooltips can be disabled in the user preferences. The “Missing application signature” part of the issue is still pending.

  • #215: Export/Import of Libraries: Like it was already possible for projects, you can now also export and import libraries from/to ZIP files.This now allows users to import libraries such as the DIP library from the Antares Assets Project.

  • #216: Improve Pin-Pin Snapping: The component snapping feature has been improved to only snap matching pins of two components, while also respecting their relative locations.

  • #217: New Component “Bit Extender”: A new component has been added to “Arithmetic” folder of the standard libraries that extends a narrow bit-width signal to a wider bit-width signal while preserving the signal’s sign (MSB).


  • #213: Splitting wires can ruin layout of existing wire: When repeatedly splitting wires, the layout algorithm could ruin the layout of the existing wire being split. This has been fixed, at least for known scenarios.

  • #218: Error after Undoing “Split Wire”: A severe bug in the undo/redo system could lead to an unexpected error when undoing “Split Wire” operations.