Release Date: April 1, 2021

Fixes some critical bugs.


  • #59: Unexpected error when starting simulation: This error could occur when using a newly created circuit in another circuit without restarting Antares. The problem was caused by a severe bug in the library management subsystem, which is also the cause of some other unexpected errors.

  • #65: General error while opening circuit: This error could occur when saving a circuit after doing complex copy/paste actions, particularly copy/pasting only parts of complex wire nets, which could lead to corrupted circuit files.

  • #66: Unexpected error when trying to create a new library: When trying to create a new custom library, an unexpected error occured, preventing users entirely from working with their own custom libraries.

  • #67: Byte indexes in circuit ports not entirely visible: When using binary representation in circuit inputs/outputs with large bit width, Antares draws a byte index at the right side of every byte row. These byte indexes were obscured by the arrow-like shape of the circuit port, because there was not enough space to draw the indexes.