Release Date: May 16, 2021

Fixes some critical bugs.


  • #74: Missing special chars in Explorer Properties title: Circuit names containing parenthesis were displayed without the parenthesis in the title of the properties panel.

  • #77: Wire is accidentally disconnected: When moving small components like constants, connected wires were often accidentally disconnected. Reconnecting requires now pressing ALT, and the reconnect tool shows a different “reconnect” highlighter.

  • #78: Faulty wire/component connections lead to loss of everything created afterwards: A severe bug in the undo/redo system could lead to saving an old snapshot state instead of the current drawing.

  • #82: Simulation stopped working altogether: When asserting an undefined address A to a clocked RAM, an error occured when asserting the CLK input, leading to an instable state of the simulation.

  • #84: Bus Transceivers outputting wrong values: A severe bug in the new bi-directional splitters could result in wrong values being produces by various components, for example the new “Bus Transceiver” component that uses bi-directional splitters.