Release Date: June 10, 2021

Fixes some critical bugs.


  • #145: Square LEDs: LED and RGB LED now have a property “Square” that controls whether the LED bulb is drawn using a square shape instead of the standard circular shape.


  • #130: Error when starting simulation: Due to a severe bug in expanding subcircuits, an error could sometimes occur when starting simulation.

  • #132: Wrong calculation of XOR with more than 2 inputs: An XOR gate with more than 2 inputs produced a wrong result. It now correctly calculates the “odd function”.

  • #133: Wrong calculation of XNOR with more than 2 inputs: An XNOR gate with more than 2 inputs produced a wrong result. It now correctly calculates the “even function”.

  • #138: Odd behaviour of momentary switch: When performing certain mouse operations on a button (switch with “toggle=false”), the button could lock into a wrong state.

  • #142: Negation bar missing in symbol view explorer tree: If port names contained negated characters, the negation bar was missing in nodes of the tree.

  • #143: Application hangs due to wiring algo going wild: When moving components connected with wires using layout “None”, the auto-layout algorithm did sometimes produce wrong results, which could also render the application non-responsive.

  • #145: RGB LED uses wrong format: The RGB LED interpreted color codes of the form “BBGGRR”. This has been changed to the more standard form “RRGGBB”.

  • #146: Can’t edit ROM values any more: Due to a regression problem, contents of ROM couldn’t be edited any more by the user.

  • #147: Input not touchable: When placing circuit port very close in the symbol editor, some of the ports couldn’t be selected any more in the symbol editor.

  • #150: Strange behaviour with pull resistor on simulation start: Wires connected to pull resistor did sometimes not receive the expected inital state when the simulation was started.

  • #159: Delay Component does not work as described: The delay component now outputs the very signal it received, even if the input did change during propagation delay.

  • #160: “Internally” name in button not always working when symbol is placed: Fixed a bug in symbol controls logic that could lead to unexpected property changes of controls in symbols.

  • #163: Polyline in circuit editor has no properties: This has been fixed.

  • #165: Flat curve cannot be selected anymore: Due to a bug in calculation of the “Curve” component’s sensitive area, a curve component couldn’t be selected any more if it consisted only of a pure horizontal or vertical line.