Release Date: July 2, 2021

Release 0.8.0 brings a couple of new features and improvements, as well as a fix for a regression bug preventing some components from being rotated.


  • #151: Button names are visible in symbol editor: The user can now choose the label position (including “hide”) of an LED control in a circuit symbol. This setting is independent of the corresponding property of the LED in the origin circuit.

  • #157: Add different units for period to clock: The user can now define a clock’s “Period/Frequency” property in various formats, e.g. “1 s”, “100 ms”, “5 Hz” or “1 kHz”. Supported are the following units: s, ms, us, ns, Hz, kHz, MHz, GHz.

  • #158: Add unit to propagation delay: The label of the propagation delay property field now states that the entered value is in nanoseconds.

  • #188: Purely scripted components: A circuit now has in addition to the existing property “Function” a new property “Always use function”, which allows to develop purely scripted components. If this property is set, the configured function script gets executed even with shallow simulation mode.

  • #199: Tunnels as “Net Combiner” components: Tunnel components now support zero propagation delay signal propagation just like splitters and circuit input/outputs already do.

  • #200: Gradient color on pull resistors: Instead of drawing inactive pull resistors in blue (undefined) color, a pull resistor now applies a color gradient from the color of its pull signal to the color of the wire’s current signal.

  • #202: Signal flow animation/single step simulation improvements: Various bugfixes and improvements:
  • Fixes the glowing/blinking rendering of various components
  • Omit signal flow animation during simulation start-up and circuit state settlement
  • Omit soft breakpoints during during simulation start-up and circuit state settlement
  • Stop glowing of sub circuit symbol once the first output signal appears
  • Stop all glowing when quitting single step mode
  • Avoid necessity of clicking 2x “Resume” for a closed sub circuit
  • Synchronize all running glowings to the same rhythm in order to reduce visual irritation

  • #204: Improve look of DIP Switch: By removing the border from the DIP switch and placing the bit index labels inside the switches, the component now looks much more elegant.


  • #69: Delete wire between two junctions: Deleting a wire between two junctions lead to two visually independent nets whose models where still connected, leading to both having the same signal during simulation.

  • #203: “Orientation” property not available any more: A regression bug in 0.7.0 prevented the orientation property from being available for various components.