Although the Antares desktop client is already very powerful and provides many useful features for single users, essential parts of the Antares vision cannot be achieved with it alone. Therefore, in addition to the desktop client, we are striving for a cloud-based web version of Antares.

Interactive online textbooks

Design your circuits in Antares Desktop. Upload your projects to Antares Web and embed circuits in your own web pages.

Like so:

Integration with course management and online homework assignments

As a complement to the online textbooks, authors will be able to capture students in their classes and send them online exercises that also include interactive circuit elements. The student can create, simulate, and save the requested circuits. Antares then provides support to the teacher in correcting these exercises.

Integration with third-party learning platforms

Another possibility is to explore in the future whether Antares could be integrated with widespread learning platforms such as Brilliant to enable these platforms to offer interactive learning units for digital circuits and computer design.