Release Date: March 16, 2022

Release 0.22.0 extends the “Synthesis” module introduced in 0.21.0 by adding the possibility to enter boolean expressions and minimize them. See the updated user manual page “Synthesis” for a description of this feature.

In addition, release 0.22.0 introduces a new “Analysis” module allowing you to analyse a combinational circuit and generating minimized boolean expressions that you can store and/or convert into a truth table. This new feature is explained in the user manual page “Analysis”.


  • #234: Circuit Analysis - Create Expressions from Circuit: Antares can now analyse a combinational circuit and generate the corresponding minimized boolean expressions.

  • #322: Enter Boolean Expressions: You can now enter boolean expresssions, store them, generate simplified expressions and fill truth tables based on these expressions.


  • #323: Preferences Crash: Due to a missing german translation, Antares ran into an unexpected error in the preferences dialog when trying to display the new “Circuit -> Preferences” page if your current user language was German.

  • #324: Scenarios and Usecases can’t be editited any more: Due to a regression issue since 0.21.0, Antares didn’t show the scenarios and usecases view any more when opening a circuit as main view. This has been fixed.