Release 1.12.0 - We’ve finally fixed the wiring bug!

1 minute read

One of the most important achievements of this release is that we’ve hopefully fixed the annoying “Wiring bug”, which lead to unexpected errors and, even worse, to components not being properly connected (even if this wasn’t transparent when looking at the circuit), resulting in circuits not working correctly when simulated.

We know that this bug has cause a lot of frustration among users, and some of them have probably turned away from Antares because of it. We therefore dug deep into the code, and we even implemented a consistency check that ran in the background and posted an alert whenever it detected that situation. And we found it and fixed it!

We are sorry for the inconvenience this bug has caused in the past. Although we can’t be entirely sure that the code location we’ve found is the only source of the issue, as the entire wiring logic is quite complex, but since the alert didn’t come up again after the fix, we are confident that we have as least dramatically improved the quality of this part of Antares.

Besides that, we bring a lot of new features with this release, such as the new image capability, nested overlines, and some improvements in switches and keyboards. And, as usual, a couple of fixes for more minor bugs.

Check out the release letter for a more in-depth description of what has changed with the new release.