Release 1.13.0 - Publish your circuits in your web pages!

less than 1 minute read

Starting with this release, you can upload your projects to the cloud and embed circuits in your own web pages, where users can simulate them.

This might be useful for hobbyists who want to share their projects with others, or for teachers and authors of textbooks who want you enrich their educational online content with interactive circuits.

See the “User Manual for how to publish your projects.

Note that the “Web publishing” feature is still in experimental mode. Try it out, give us feedback, but don’t use it for production yet. We are free to take the feature down at any time, or change it without guaranteed backward compatability.

In order to limit cloud costs, you can currently only upload 2 projects, each having not more than 10 circuits. Contact us if you need more.

Check out the release letter for a more in-depth description of what has changed with the new release.