Release 0.29.0 with ‘Search in circuits’

less than 1 minute read

Starting with this release, you can now search for components in a circuit. Press Alt-Ctrl-F (or Alt-Cmd-F on Mac) to display the search bar. If you enter a search term characters in the search field, Antares selects the components that match that search term.


See the new section “Searching in Circuits” in the user manual for a more in-depth description of this new feature.

Also worth mentioning are the new “Transmission Gate” component and a new feature in the tunnel component allowing you to indicate signal flow directions in tunnels.

:warning: Breaking Change #392: The ‘D Flip-Flop PRE/CRL’ circuits in the standard library have been changed to edge-triggered behaviour. Adjust your circuits if they use these components.

Also check out the release letter for a more in-depth description of what has changed with the new release.