Example 7-Segment


The 7-segment display contains 7 LEDs arranged in the form of a digit and one LED at the bottom right, which is used as a dot. The LEDs light up depending on the signals applied to the inputs. If a 0 is present, the LEDs are drawn in the dark representation of the selected light color. If a 1 is present, the bright representation of the light color is used.

The 7-segment display is available in three different sizes. When using the largest size, you can choose whether the pins are available as a group or individually.

Pin diagram



Controls the decimal point


Only available with the "Single" pin scheme. Controls the 7 segments of the display as shown in the figure above.


Only available with the "Combined" pin scheme. Accepts an 8-bit value whose bits control the 7 segments of the display, whereby bit 0 corresponds to segment "a" and bit 6 to segment "g". The most significant bit is not used.


LED color

The color of the LEDs. The menu offers all light colors implemented in Antares for selection.


"Positive" turns LEDs on with 1, "Negative" with 0.


The 7-segment display can be displayed in the three sizes "large", "medium" and "small".

Pin Scheme

This property is only available if the property "Size" has the value "large". It determines whether a separate pin should be provided for each segment of the LED (value "Single"), or whether all 7 segments should be combined into a single 8-bit pin (value "Combined").


If not set, the display is drawn without a border, which can be useful for building areas of multiple displays.